2022 Duiker en zwemmer - Diver and Swimmer 24x30cm

2023 open radio - Open Radio 40x50cm

2021 Stilleven met rode vaas - Stil life with a red vase 40x40cm SOLD

All paintings:  oil paint or oil paint and acrylic / on canvas.

I will make paintings with a surreal realism, a poetic realism. I use photos, etc, in my work. From books or internet.
Important is somewhat of a link to my own life. Sometimes a person, sometimes what once had happened, sometime favorite painters, etc.

I work in thin layers of oil paint.

Born Goirle 1958. I live and work in Deventer (The Netherlands).
In 1984 graduated from the Art Academy Den Bosch (painting / drawing).

Sale: info@peterdevolder,nl ; www.artolive.nl; www.artleader.com

Prices between 400 - 1000 Euro. Depending on the format of a painting. In most cases no frame around the painting.

(Site updated on 24 august 2023)


Gedichten. Absurdistisch.
Gedichten zijn geplaatst op Meander.nl.
In 2016 en 2017 top 100 Turing Prijs.