paintings 2023 2024

2024 Dive in a forrest 35x35cm

2023 Swimmer in the forest 30x35 cm

A view on a swimmer in a forrest, how it looks like. I tried to paint it in this way. But I kwow, it can be painted in a lot of differend ways. Thats what I like of painting. I work with thin layers of oilpaint. Thats the best! Let's say, with some old techniques.

2023 Mate 30x35cm

2023 Klee, Picasso and I 30x35cm

For me, Paul Klee is the most interesting artist of the 20th century. His work is in everything a big adventure. Much more than Picasso. For me.


2023 open radio 40x30 cm

An old radio, with tubes, is an interesting thing. It takes waves from the air, and brings it to life: voices and music. From all over the world. Receiving and giving in one device.
The technique, I really understand nothing of it. But...  it fascinated me from the time when I was 13 years old, and I had a Philips electronic-box with whom I could build my own plain radio.

2023 amazone in a forest 30x35cm

2023 Intimate on a table 2 30x35cm

2023 Boy and a lamp 25x30 cm

I wanted to paint a plain portrait of a boy with... something. That became a lamp, in front of him, and was enough. A lamp.

2023 Het meisje en de appel - The Girl and the Apple 30x35cm

The girl and The Apple. The Bible tells us the story of Eve and the apple. I think the best she did was eating of the apple. At that time, human (Eve en Adam) had to grow and become adult.

2023 Bye bye - Bye Bye 24x30cm

2023 Zelfportret met tulpen - Self portait with Tulips 20x20 cm

Why not. Myself between Tulips. My father loved plants. He had his own glasshouse. The plants were growing from seed to beautifull, colourfull things. I think I earned my sence of colour from him (my dad) and what grew in his beautifull glasshouse.

2023 Girl with a towel 30x45cm

2023 Big Fish 30x35cm