paintings 2023

2023 KLee, Picasso en ik - Klee, Picasso and I

For me, Paul Klee is the most interesting artist of the 20th century. His work is in everything a big adventure. Much more than Picasso. For me.


2023 open radio - Open Radio 40x50cm

An old radio, with tubes, is an interesting thing. It takes waves from the air, and brings it to life: voices and music. From all over the world. Receiving and giving in one device.
The technique, I really understand nothing of it. But...  it fascinated me from the time when I was 13 years old, and I had a Philips electronic-box with whom I could build my own plain radio.

2023 Zaans huis in de sneeuw - Zaans house in snow 30x35cm

2023 Intiem op tafel 2 - Intimate on a table 2 30x35 cm


2023 Hokjes Denker - Box Thinker 30x30 cm

I once, a long time ago, got a present for Saint Noicolas, a head full of paper squares. I think at that time I realy was a kind of a Box Thinker.



2023 Het meisje en de appel - The Girl and the Apple 30x35cm

The girl and The Apple. The Bible tells us the story of Eve and the apple. I think the best she did was eating of the apple. At that time, human (Eve en Adam) had to grow and become adult.

2023 Bye bye - Bye Bye 24x30cm

2023 Zelfportret met tulpen - Self portait with Tulips 20x20 cm

Why not. Myself between Tulips. My father loved plants. He had his own glasshouse. The plants were growing from seed to beautifull, colourfull things. I think I earned my sence of colour from him (my dad) and what grew in his beautifull glasshouse.